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Our CTO Markus Herhoffer and our developer Lucas Rott speak about code and nerd culture in their podcast. Anyone interested can find out in this podcast why life in the IT industry is not as boring as it first seems!


Please note: this podcast is only available in German!

Broadband and pizza soup

We’re back on the beat and have the latest news from the tech scene for you again this week! One of the most exciting topics is certainly the coalition agreement of the new traffic light coalition which was published last week. In our 71st podcast, Markus and Lucas take a close look at it, particularly in terms of all digital topics. If you want to know whether things are really moving forward, be sure to listen in!

Full to Twelve

After an unintended two-week break, Markus and Lucas are finally back with our 70th Code Culture Podcast! After such a long time, there’s all kinds of news from the tech world. After Marc Zuckerberg’s visions of the Metaverse become more and more precise, Microsoft and NVIDIA also present their virtual 3D worlds. The battle has begun! However, as topic of the week, our colleagues present “The Twelve Factors”, which describe how good, service-oriented apps can look like. Listen in and learn!

Variant Karaoke

There is good news this week! The paper “Reference Architecture and Agile Development Method for a Process-Driven Web Platform based on the BPMN Standard and Process Engines”, written in collaboration with Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen-Nuremberg and Flowable, was awarded as the best paper at CIRPe 2021! Congratulations to all authors! But that’s not the real topic of our 69th podcast. This week, Markus and Lucas shed light on the topic of complexity in variant management. Listen in and learn!

Five kilometers and billions of transistors

After a short break, Markus and Lucas are back with our 68th podcast! After Lucas’ successful participation in the Pfaffenhofener Stadtlauf, they have the latest news from the tech world: Facebook launches an audio hub for podcasts and other audio files in the U.S., is working on an AI that remembers everything you do and is working on a new brand – including a new name! But they’re actually devoting today to a different topic: the new Macs. If you want to know what Apple currently offers, listen in!

Borderline protocol

This week, a breaking news story made it to be the topic of the week in our 67th podcast! Facebook had a worldwide breakdown and all offers were down for a good six hours. Markus and Lucas took a closer look at the Facebook down and share their findings with you!

Pom-Pom Brunch

The news almost blew up this 66th podcast: In addition to the current topics from the software and hardware world, Markus and Lukas report this time from the Amazon event (Yes, you heard right – not Apple!). But nevertheless, we didn’t want to deprive you of the topic of the week in our 66th podcast: Maven POMs (Project Object Model). Wondering what that is again? Then listen in!

Active records against containers

…and here comes the next episode of our Codeculture Podcast: Issue 65! Besides the latest news, this week it’s all about Active Records vs. Repository Pattern. Markus and Lucas explain the differences so that there will be no more confusion in the future – not only among our trainees!

Machine-learned llamas

In the 64th episode of our Codeculture Podcast we welcome guests again! After review, feedback and news, David Lohner, media didactician at the Centre for Media Learning (ZML) of KIT, together with Gabriela Molinar and Marco Stang from the Institute for Information Processing Technology (ITIV) of KIT are expecting you. They present AMALEA, an online course for Applied MAchine LEarning Algorithms of the ZML, which provides a basic understanding of Machine Learning and how to work with algorithms, as well as offering participants the opportunity to solve a current problem independently in form of a project. You want more? Then listen in quickly!

A disappointing evening

Once again, Apple announced the latest ‘highlights’ at one of its events. Markus and Lucas were there – but with sobering results. Why? Listen to our 63rd podcast! But fortunately there are other news from the tech world: Twitter launched a community function that allows you to exchange thoughts with like-minded people about certain topics, Spotify introduces Pedalboard, a Python audio effects library, and Intuit acquires Mailchimp.

Digital cross

In just about two weeks’ time there will be a federal election. So there is not much time left to familiarize yourself with the programmes of the individual parties. But what do the parties actually say about digitalization? Markus and Lucas have taken a close look at the political party programmes for our 62nd podcast. Listen in and get an idea!

We almost broadcasted from Berlin

Actually, Markus and Lucas wanted to send this episode from Berlin… but it wasn’t meant to be. Nevertheless, they have a colourful potpourri of topics for you in our 61st edition! News from the tech world this week comes from Abba and Apple. And then we have a few souvenirs from Berlin – and Leipzig. Listen in and take a short trip with us!

Long time, no see

After a short summer break, we finally launched a new podcast! In our 60th edition, Markus and Lucas once again present the latest gossip from the tech world. Just a small excerpt: Facebook and the new VR app “Horizon Workrooms” for digital teamwork, China only allows minors to play online games between 8pm and 9pm on Fridays to Sundays and Mastercard says goodbye to magnetic stripes on credit cards. You want more? Then listen in quickly!


This week we take on a complex topic that follows on from our previous podcasts on Docker: Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a portable open source platform that enables automated deployment, scaling and management of containerised applications. Find out what this technology can do and how you can best use it in our 59th podcast by Markus and Lucas!

Hunting Estimates

What does the golden ratio have to do with software development? Markus and Lucas answer the question in our 58th podcast! This edition is about estimates and the corresponding techniques for predicting software development efforts. Have fun listening!


If you want to know who won our Apple Watch Challenge, you have to listen to the latest episode of our Codeculture Podcast! And for those who are interested in the latest tech news, we have those from WhatsApp, Google Maps, Pocket Casts, the Autobahn app and Pegasus. Oh yes, we also have a topic of the week: Tasks. Listen in!

Process Driven

This week Markus and Lucas have another very hot topic for you: the Process Driven Approach (PDA). Everyone who thinks about new, digital business models will have to deal with new processes (if they do everything right). But what is the best way to implement these new processes for automation? Our guest Prof. Volker Stiehl from THI, who has been working on this topic for over 30 years, will provide you with the answers (and a lot of interesting facts). Listen in and learn!

Bedtime stories for developers

How does a software developer actually know what a software product should look like in the end? Exactly, that’s what user stories are for. As a central component of many agile development methods, they describe what specifically needs to be built in the software project. Depending on the project, user stories can be written by different stakeholders and be concretized or expanded more and more. They facilitate communication between all those involved in the development process and help them to document their understanding of the system and its context. In our 55th podcast, Markus and Lucas explain how something like this can look in practice!

Absolutely retro

In our 54th podcast, our two #impfluencers Markus and Lucas not only report on their Corona vaccinations, but also deal extensively with the topic of “retrospectives”. In the development process, retrospectives are used to look back on the recent past (usually the last sprint) and to improve the productivity of the development team or the cooperation in the entire team in the future on basis of the learnings. As usually, there is also the latest news from the tech world!

Into the crowd

In our 53rd podcast we have another nice topic of the week for you! Originally it comes from agile software development, but now it is widely used in project and product management: Scrum. Markus and Lucas talk about process, roles and meetings and everything else you need to know about Scrum. And of course you’ll get all the latest news from the tech world: Insta offers a new translation feature, John McAfee was found dead in his prison cell and Apple has published new whitepapers. Curious? Listen in!

Platform refusal

Lucas has passed his instructor certification exam! Congratulations! In our 52nd podcast, you can find out first-hand what is expected in such an exam! But that’s not all, of course. There’s a lot of news from the tech world in this edition: the Big Brother Awards took place on 11 June, About You successfully went public, Facebook is now entering the podcast market after Apple and Spotify, and Laschet cancels the Youtube Chancellor triell with Rezo. You want more? Then listen in!

Better safe than sorry

You want to know who won the Apple Design Awards right after the Apple developer conference WWDC21? Then you’ve come to the right place in our podcast this week! Markus and Lucas have it on their radar, of course. But our actual topic is completely different: In our 51st podcast, we show you how you can check your software for security vulnerabilities with open source tools! Be sure to listen in!

Netflix and Share

At the beginning of the week, Apple held this year’s worldwide developer conference (WWDC21). There was less talk about the latest hardware, but all the more about Apple’s software world: iOS15, iMessage, all kinds of apps (Wallet, Weather, Maps, etc.), AirPods, iPadOS, iCloud, WatchOS and much more. Markus and Lucas attended and provide you with the perfect summary in our 50th podcast!

Full of Quark

Here it is at last: the episode about Quarkus. Maybe you’ve already asked yourself where it is, because we’ve already referred you to it a thousand times – assuming that it already exists! In our 49th podcast, Markus and Lucas provide you with a complete overview: What is Quarkus? What does the framework do? How does it differ from other tools? What do you have to do to program with Quarkus? And much more. Listen in and learn!

Let’s make an exception

What do the German entry in the Eurovision Song Contest and our 48th podcast have in common? Exactly: Shit happens. And what if it happens during programming? This week Markus and Lucas address this topic. Besides other things, they explain how Java deals with errors and exceptions, what throwable and try-catch applications have to do with error recovery and what happens if no appropriate action is taken.


This week Markus and Lucas have an important abbreviation for you: YAGNI. This stands for ‘You aren’t gonna need it’ and plays a significant role in overengineering, the topic of the week in our 47th podcast. Overengineering is always a problem, especially in software development, because it goes hand in hand with an increase in the complexity of the product without creating additional business value. But how do I find the right balance as a developer? Listen in!

Quite practical, a university like this

In our 46th podcast, we have another guest! This week Markus and Lucas talk to Manuel Dolderer, Co-Founder and President of CODE University in Berlin. Manuel tells us all about the idea behind CODE University, the difference to a traditional university or college, the various fields of study and degrees and much more. It really makes you want to study again! In addition, there are the latest news and trends from the tech world, where Facebook once again provides the most topics of conversation…

Don’t call us, we call you

Since Markus’ basil has died and Lucas doesn’t have a garden at all, we’re foregoing the horticultural news this week. Instead, they have plenty of tech news for you: Spotify allows you to subscribe to podcasts, Instagram is testing link stickers and Amazon is introducing its new Fire HD tablets. But actually, our 45th podcast is all about ‘Inversion of Control (IoC)’: the inversion of control flow in object-oriented programming. Listen in!

Release the Kraken!

Our 44th podcast is all about a “collector of knowledge”: the Java-based build management tool Maven! With Maven, the creation of Java programmes in particular can be standardised, managed and carried out. It automates and simplifies many procedures that occur again and again in software development. Markus and Lucas explain what you have to do if you want to publish a Maven project yourself. Of course, there is also news from the internet, as well as from the hardware and software world.

FindMy Ethernetstecker

The 43rd Codeculture Podcast is slightly delayed this week! The reason for this is the Apple event, which Markus and Lucas were waiting for in order to report on the latest trends from Cupertino: the new iMac, the new iPod Pro, the iPhone 12 and much more. We already can tell you one thing right here: It’s going to be colorful! But of course they also have the latest news and trends from the digital world outside of Apple for you!

The meaning of life

…the answer to everything is not available today, but in our 42nd podcast you will learn everything about the interface between database and API. After last week’s in-depth look at all kinds of databases, we take a step further and look at Hibernate, Java Database Connectivity and object-relational mapping. And of course there’s all kinds of news again – apart from the fact that Markus has glazed his balcony furniture.

Database raid

Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB Foundation –, H2 Database Engine, HSQLDB, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, ELK & Kibana | Elastic, OrientDB Community, Neo4j Graph Platform, Redis, Hazelcast, etc… Our 41st podcast is all about databases. What types of databases are existing? Which databases belong to each type? What are the respective databases suitable for? This week, Markus and Lucas tell you all this and a lot more.

Software Talks

RPA, APIs, middleware and buses… Was that from the well-known Fanta 4 song or is that a new foreign language? Markus and Lucas clear things up! In our 40th podcast, everything revolves around how software talks to each other. And prior to that, of course, there’s all kinds of nerd culture and horticulture news again.

Collaboration chaos

And we continue in our series on digital transformation. In our 39th podcast, Markus and Lucas give you an overview of the tools for digital collaboration: including Slack, Atlassian, Notion, Google and Office 365. Let us surprise you! And of course there’s the latest news from the WWW and the hardware world.

Real scarce tokens

To mark Twitter’s 15th birthday, Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is auctioning off his first tweet from 2006. The highest bidder will receive a digital certificate. With this, Dorsey is jumping on a trend that is currently sweeping through the art world: NFTs – Non Fungible Tokens. Usually, tokens are exchangeable in the blockchain world. This is not the case with NFTs, because each token is unique. And this creates the prerequisite for something that has not yet been possible: a real scarcity of digital content. Markus and Lucas provide examples and background information in the 38th edition of our podcast and take a closer look at the trend!

Fully digitised

In the upcoming weeks, Markus and Lucas will be dealing with the topic of digitalization. Since the topic naturally offers a lot of content, our 37th podcast will first deal with the basics. What does digitalization actually mean? And what examples are there from everyday life? Where has it gone well and where is there still work to be done? Listen in and find out more!

Hyper, Hyper

This week in the news, Markus and Lucas look to Australia. A law is to be passed there that will require the big online services like Google or Facebook to pay fees to their providers for linking to news. But is that really in the spirit of the WWW? That’s the topic of the week in our 36th podcast: from hypertext to RSS, Atom, the Nextcloud Federation to git and blockchain, we explain all the latest about the World Wide Web!


What to do if there are no real objects for testing on Java? Of course there is a solution! In our 35th podcast, Markus and Lucas introduce Mockito, a framework for creating mock objects (placeholders) for unit tests of Java programmes. Mockito makes it possible to generate placeholder objects dynamically in order to test them in isolation from their environment. But listen for yourself.

News should not be missing either: Apple introduces the “Tracking Opt-In for Apps” in the new iOS 14 – Facebook and other ad-financed offers are of course not very pleased. Oh yes, and Facebook wants to copy Clubhouse. Just listen in!

Painting beautiful software pictures

A lot has happened this week: Jeff Bezos is leaving his position as head of Amazon. Apple is pushing ahead with the iCar project, bringing Manfred Harrer, Porsche’s Cayenne boss, on board for it, and announces a collaboration with Hyundai (which has since been denied again). And besides the news, there’s a cool topic of the week in our 34th podcast: Markus and Lucas show you how to best document software architecture graphically (away from the whiteboard). Listen in and learn some great things!

Everyone makes mistakes

In the 33rd edition of our podcast, our white-sausage-toting colleagues Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott report on their first impressions of Clubhouse. Exciting! Among many other news and trends, this week it’s all about resilience and fault tolerance. What happens if a third-party system or database fails in my microservices? What options do I have to prevent this and which frameworks help me deal with failures? Markus and Lucas shed some light on the subject.

The Algorithm

We are having a guest again! And no unknown one too: Rémi Gallego, who talks about his music project The Algorithm in our 32nd podcast with Markus and Lucas. With his mix of progressive metal and electronic sounds, the Frenchman has already won several awards. And prior to that, of course, there’s the latest news on the latest trends such as Honk, Clubhouse, Beeper and much more.

Professional homework

In the 31st edition of our podcast we have all kinds of news for you! Markus and Lucas talk about the trends at the digital technology trade fair CES, the 20th anniversary of Wikipedia, security vulnerabilities in Telegram and the ever louder demand for #MachtBürosZu. And that’s what we’re dealing with in our topic of the week: home office solutions. Listen in and find out which solutions give you secure access to your data!

Appearance and reality, light and shadow

It’s crazy, we’re celebrating the 30th edition of our Code Culture Podcast today! Markus and Lucas have some great topics in store for a smooth start to the new year. The latest news the tech world is talking about and a top topic we’re not revealing yet! Listen in quickly!

…oh yes, and if you want to do something good for our colleagues, go to buymeacoffee!

Fast Rewind

Happy New Year everyone! After a short Christmas break, we have an entertaining review of the year from Markus and Lucas in our 29th podcast. But not a conventional one, but of course on the tech topics of 2020! Be sure to listen!

Code philosophy and DIN manhole covers

For the last time this year, we have the latest tech news and a very timeless topic of the week: clean code. In our 28th podcast, Markus and Lucas explain why clean code is so important and where the challenges lie in writing one. Have fun listening!

Speed it up

After last week’s topic of the week was unfortunately cancelled due to too much news, this week we are devoting ourselves in detail to the topic of ‘performance optimization’. Listen in and find out in our 27th podcast what possibilities there are here!

From MMORPGs to the platform economy

There’s a lot of news this week: Salesforce has shopped Slack, Spotify is testing its own version of Stories and the German Federal Network Agency warns to be careful with smart toys shortly before Christmas. And by the way, in our 26th podcast, Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott provide very entertaining background information on Slack inventor Daniel Stewart Butterfield, who originally wanted to establish a ‘massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ (MMORPG).

Purely functional thinking

In the 25th edition of our podcast, we have a great guest with us: we talk to Dr. Joachim Breitner, computer scientist and mathematician, about the functional programming language Haskell. There’s also the latest news and all kinds of entertaining and informative stuff!

Better Call Scrum

If real scrum is not allowed at the moment because of Corona, we at least deal with it in our 24th podcast. This time Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott talk about Scrum, a project and product management model that has become an indispensable part of agile software development.

Firefighter or developer?

How do you actually become a software developer? Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott explain in our 23rd podcast. And by the way: we also train people! We are also always looking for working students and new colleagues!

The poor Macs

This week there was another Apple event! Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott listened to it and report on the latest news: the Apple M1 chip and the new ARM Macs. If you want to know more, you should definitely listen in!

Docker Games

Our 21st podcast is all about Docker, a containerisation technology that enables the creation and operation of Linux® containers. Lightweight, modular and flexible. Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott take a closer look at it!

Very funny support hotlines

…sometimes you don’t have to understand. But that’s not our topic of the week. In our 20th podcast, Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott deal with TLS (Transport Layer Security). Of course, there are all kinds of exciting news again!

Does that have 5G?

“Hi, Speed!” The motto of the latest Apple event, where the new iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro with 5G, MagSafe accessories and the HomePod mini were presented. Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott listened to it and present the innovations in our 19th podcast.

Room with a Vue

This week in the focus of our 18th podcast: vue.ja, a client-side JavaScript web framework. Compared to other frameworks, it is considered progressive and incrementally adaptable. Lucas and Markus compare it to Angular and React.

Not a bad IDE

The IDE is the day-to-day workbench of software developers. And which one is the best for Java development now? Plus, Markus and Lucas talk about the latest Amazon products and Java 15 in our 17th podcast.

New educational territory

The topic of ‘learning with digital media’ has never been more present than in the times of Corona. Media didactician David Lohner from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) talks to Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott about education, digitalization and media literacy in the 16th edition of our podcast.

Totally fooled

Missed the Apple Event? We summarize it for you. Markus and Lucas take the current event apart in our 15th podcast and examine the products presented there (Apple Watch 6, iPad Air, etc.) or not presented (new Apple iPhone). Listen in quickly!

Really nice guys

What is Type Safety and how does it benefit me? In issue 14 of the best podcast from Pfaffenhofen, our colleagues deal with Type Theory and the advantages of type-safe programming languages (there are no disadvantages ;-)). And in the news, they once again have a good laugh at Apple.

Go with the flow

Black mirror dystopia or added value? This week, our no-longer-apprentice Lucas Rott and Markus Herhoffer comment on Elon Musk’s brain implants from Neuralink and take on git workflows in terms of the development process in the topic of the week.

Terminal 12

In this edition, the best podcast from Pfaffenhofen naturally looks at green writing on a black background again. In addition to the latest news from the IT world, Lucas Rott and Markus Herhoffer deal with the focus topic Terminal and give good reading and event tips this week.

In our 11th podcast, there’s lots of tech news, design samples and an assessment of the latest hipster sodas by our taste experts Lucas Rott and Markus Herhoffer. This is what summer tastes like!

Hoodies first, security second

Hooray! Our 10th podcast is here! This week, our colleagues Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott are guests of IT security expert Eric Bauer. Together they discuss the latest news and get exciting insights into the topic of IT security from Eric Bauer.


Loved, hated and often misunderstood: In the current issue, Lucas and Markus talk about the version control system git. And along the way, they discuss current topics such as the new Office UI from Microsoft or the Apple Pay link with the Sparkassen Girocard. Highly recommended!

Continuous babble

In our 8th podcast, Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott focus on Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. They also talk about the big Twitter hack in the US, the TikTok War and take a closer look at the Sketchnote manual.


“How far are we on the way to the Matrix?” is what Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott want to find out this week with Daniel Lichtenstern from IT’s 2morrow. They discuss AR/VR, software with brain interface (BCI) and immersive games, among other things, with him in our 7th podcast. Very exciting!!!

Better than the REST

Better than the REST! …is our new Code Culture Podcast. This week Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott talk about Apple Pay, Tik Tok and GraphQL. Listen in quickly!

ARM and stuff

A new episode of Code Culture is here! This time Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott talk about Apple with ARM, compilers and a Japanese horror movie. This way!


A new episode of Code Culture with Tobijjah Feuerbart as guest on the topic of music informatics. Be sure to listen in!

Who are you and what do you want here?

“Who are you and what do you want here?” …Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott ask themselves in the third episode of Code Culture. Among other things, they talk about the federated login technology OAuth2.

Code Engineer

Our colleagues Markus Herhoffer and Lucas Rott have been busy again and have recorded the second podcast. Be sure to listen in!


Our first podcast is here! Our Head of Development Markus Herhoffer talks to our apprentice Lucas Rott about the new IT apprenticeships and the Corona-WarnApp. Very worth listening to!