exentra Custom – our supreme discipline

Our goal with exentra Custom is to support and simplify complex processes within product development by using our modular PD Engine framework. Data from a wide range of sources is consolidated and can be accessed quickly and easily by all users. Thanks to an out-of-the-box prototype, which is adapted to the requirements and needs of our customers in the ongoing development process, we are able to develop the perfectly fitting solution quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to our flexible PD Engine framework, we can comprehensively map the domain of our customers and thus create expert tools for very specialised areas with our individual developments.

Potential areas of use:

CAx methods and processes with geometry and structural data

Vehicle and service-related financial controlling

Complexity management with variant resolution and monitoring

Production assurance and buildability


Why exentra Custom?

Agile software development

Our daily work is characterised by agile principles and methods. Scrum, Kanban and Test-Driven-Development are three of the most important pillars and, thanks to a high degree of transparency and flexibility, help us to develop software as quickly as possible which is perfectly tailored to the requirements of our customers.

No fear of challenges

We are a small team of motivated software developers and are constantly looking for new challenges. No domain is too complex for us, no problem too difficult. We want to understand our customers' processes down to the smallest detail and actively help shape them. We love to develop where it hurts. For us, there is no such thing as can't!

Direct line to the developers

With us, the customer is the product owner! He enjoys a high degree of creative power and defines the requirements for the software in close contact with our developers. This is how we ensure that we deliver the best solution to our customers.

Rapid Prototyping

We don't know any heavy IT processes. We always start agile development with an out-of-the-box prototype that is expanded and adapted to the individual requirements of our customers in the course of the development process.

High customer satisfaction

The open and honest feedback from our long-term customers is the best proof of this - they are very satisfied with our services and our software and would recommend it to others at any time. Do you also want to be one of them? Get in touch with us!