Powerful functions for project controlling
Company and employee master data

All relevant information for the management of employees, clients and suppliers is stored in the company and employee master data of exentra Project – thanks to the flexible authorisation system, of course, always in compliance with data protection regulations.

Central recording of all master data - both from the company and from the employees

Setup of the own company incl. the complete company structure and the cost centres

Setup and manage employees incl. abbreviations, hourly rates, holiday days, remaining holiday, region (for public holidays), job titles, working time models, etc.

Deposit of special information, such as special hourly rates, bonus agreements and terms of payment


The easy and transparent recording of working hours enables a detailed record of all services rendered on the individual projects. And this for everyone involved: employees, project managers, controllers, human resources managers and the management.

In addition, it enables simple invoicing/forwarding to the customer directly from the system.

Booking of working times on individual projects with or without breaks

Booking of complete days on internal or external projects

Flexitime, leave and working time models

With exentra Project, you always have an overview of all information on working hours, holidays and special periods (such as parental leave, sabbaticals, etc.). Individual working time models can be stored for each employee, so that complicated and time-consuming administration is reduced to a minimum.

Individual and anytime updatable mapping of the contractually agreed working time models in the system

Simple application system for each timekeeper for leave, flexitime and remote working (MA)

In addition to holidays and flexitime, special periods such as training, illness, vocational school, maternity leave, parental leave, short-time work and mobile working (home office, business trips, etc.) can be recorded by the HR department.


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Offers and Orders

With exentra Project, you can quickly and effectively create individual offers that you can export and submit directly from the tool. Keep an eye on all offers and their status and simply enter the orders in the tool as soon as they arrive. This way you have all project-relevant information in one system.

Overview of all offers with their current status

Simple creation, export and distribution of offers directly from the tool

Seamless transfer of the individual offer items as project items into the resulting project

Overview of all orders received and their value dates

Project master data, bookings and planning

Keep your projects firmly under control with exentra Project! exentra Project enables you to easily manage internal and external projects, including all business-relevant information, and thus ensures complete project controlling – quickly and without long loading times.

Creation of new project plans or adoption from other projects possible

Labelling of the project statuses: opened, released, locked, finished, completed

Setting of threshold values for notification when self-defined thresholds are exceeded

Overview of employee costs (from employee hourly rate)

Storage of all relevant information such as the project manager, contact person, etc. for each project position.

Allocation of the budget to different positions

Possibility to leave comments

Freely configurable views with all business-relevant information (e.g. budgets, threshold values, booked hours, employee costs, turnover and stocks)

Stock Reports

With the inventory reports in exentra Project, you can easily and reliably delimit expenses and revenues. This way you always have an overview of your company’s turnover!

Easy time-based accrual of invoiced or still to be invoiced turnover (both positive and negative)

Automated proposal of stocks based on actual employee costs, which can be used as a reference point for accruals


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exentra Project allows you to easily enter all project-related incoming invoices and create outgoing invoices – without a system break and with interfaces to DATEV so that all data required for accounting can be used directly.

Entry of incoming invoices for each project item

Creation of outgoing invoices


Privacy is our top priority! exentra Project therefore guarantees a very individual and flexible allocation of permissions. This means that everyone involved in the project only sees the information that is intended for him or her.

Assignment of global and structure-specific authorisations

Standardised authorisation templates: create, read, edit, delete

In addition, further individual authorisation templates can be created

Within the projects, specific rights can also be assigned exactly on the booking item

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Analyses and Evaluations

With exentra Project you always have your business firmly under control! BI dashboard, annual report and a large selection of further evaluations guarantee you are keeping full control of your projects.

BI Dashboard: All company-relevant information at a glance: Turnover, employees, total output, stock, contracts without order, interactive charts

Annual report in tables and graphs