The entire exentra GmbH portfolio is based on our modular software framework PD Engine. It is the fundamental framework for our product exentra Project as well as numerous individual developments that we customise to meet the specific requirements of our customers.


Moreover, the PD Engine has evolved into our explore-platform which we have been pushing forward in EXP Software GmbH, a company founded specifically for this purpose, since January 2024.


What distinguishes us from other providers? We always strive to find the best solution for our customer’s requirements and develop the right software solution in an agile manner. And our partner, the customer, is always our main focus!


exentra Project is the project management software from exentra. Ensure that your projects are always on time and budget and keep track of everything with exentra Project!

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explore provides an unprecedented Digital Twin experience by mapping your Digital Thread, automating workflows through the use of process engines and reducing the overall time it takes to search, find and retrieve relevant information.

Thus, explore creates the ideal conditions for effective collaboration and multiplies the overall efficiency of the company.

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