exentra Project – This is how you have all projects firmly under control

exentra Project is the simple and lean project management software developed by exentra. It is based on our framework, the PD Engine, and is either ready to use as a licence model or can be individually adapted to your requirements and wishes.


exentra Project is a well-thought-out system and seamlessly maps all business processes within a project – from enquiry to proposal preparation, proposal tracking, order receipt, project planning and project management, time recording and cost tracking to invoicing. This way you always keep the overview!

exentra Project is the information and management system for recording, maintaining, managing and analysing:

Enterprise and employee master data

Working hours incl. flexitime, holidays and working time models

Project master data, bookings and planning

Proposals and orders

Stock reports

Accounting with accounts receivable, accounts payable and cost centres

With exentra Project, all project-related data is always available to you and enables you to keep track of the status of projects at all times. Thanks to the target/actual comparison, deviations between planning and implementation are immediately visible and you have all project processes firmly under control!


Precise data basis

Thanks to exentra Project, the entire project management process happens in one place and enables the precise handling of projects. A well thought-out authorization system provides all project participants with exactly the information they need for their work. This keeps your project on track at all times!

Highest data security

Thanks to on-premise, the data never leaves your company. So you have full control over what happens to your data. Hybrid encryption protocols such as TLS or SSO as well as modern IT security standards such as Active Directory, Exchange or LDAP, OAuth2/OpenID are a matter of course for us.

Timeless design

The timeless design of exentra Project with its comprehensive and innovative management dashboard makes the software extremely user-friendly and intuitive to operate. No long searches, no hidden functions. We simplify the process for you as much as possible!

Simple & cost-efficient

The implementation of exentra Project is very straightforward. Our on-premise software runs in your company as a web service, requires no complex installation at each workstation and is virtually maintenance-free.

Comprehensive interfaces

exentra Project provides comprehensive interfaces and export functions for connection to other tools: DATEV, Intrexx, Interflex, Jira, MS Sharepoint, MS Office Exports, MS Outlook, CSV and PDF export, as well as a REST API. This means you can continue to use your data for all purposes.

Rich Reporting

exentra Project directly accesses the raw data, aggregates, summarises and, thanks to intelligent data filters, delivers an infinite range of reports that answer every question in the daily business of those involved in the project. And all that in real time!

“exentra Project is the perfect project controlling system that not only provides me with a TARGET/ACTUAL comparison of all project data, but also with well-founded feedback on the real performance. For my project business, this is the best possible assessment of any deviations and the basis for immediately controlling their adjustment.”


Dominik van Iperen
Project assistant exentra GmbH