exentra Package – The premium system for your product development!

Our data management platform exentra Package offers you significant efficiency gains in product development. exentra Package consolidates development data from a wide variety of sources in one system and makes it available to all users in your company in a fully automated manner on a simple user interface – without system interruption, without time-consuming manual data synchronization and without additional efforts. This means that everyone involved in the development process is always up to date and is able to concentrate fully on product development.

Modular structure

Thanks to the modular structure of our PD Engine framework, exentra Package can be individually configured and thus perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Data import from numerous sources

exentra Package automatically obtains the design data from the car manufacturers’ management systems (e.g. Connect, KVS and PDMU). In addition, all internal and external development data (WORK data, CUSTOM/OEM data) can be imported, as well as delta imports of updated data statuses. This means that the designers, project managers and DMU managers have quick access to all the necessary data without system interruption and can navigate directly into the respective internal development projects.

Data management in one central location

With exentra Package, all data is managed in one central location. This reduces activities such as data maintenance, research and management to a minimum. All project participants thus work on a consistent data status, which ensures the highest quality and significantly more security – and saves time.

Multi-CAD support with integration into the authoring tools

exentra Package supports the export and import from and to CAD data systems. On the one hand, this allows a quick display of structure trees, construction spaces, own data and interfaces in the web browser and in 3D. In addition, exentra Package supports the combination of individual packages through metaconfigurations.

Visualisation of the components in the web viewer

Thanks to the high-performance display of all components in the web viewer, the most complex CAD 3D data can be displayed in detail. This enables the user to intelligently and quickly display the installation space even outside of the authoring systems (CATIA, NX, Creo) – without additional programmes or further plug-ins.

Complete historisation and archiving of all data

exentra Package never forgets anything. All data statuses are archived and can be retrieved at any time. This allows developers to delta compare two different time or configuration statuses and ensures absolute transparency and security – from the start of the project to the end.

Real-time full text search

The search function in exentra Package enables searches in both structure trees and components – in a fraction of a second. This saves product development managers a considerable amount of time and reduces error rates to a minimum thanks to constantly updated data statuses.

Automatic DMU check

exentra Package performs automatic DMU collision checks on all imported own and third-party data and enables immediate display of collisions through centralised data management. All results are centrally stored and clearly evaluated.

Secure and simple user and authorization management

Assign authorizations without much effort? No problem with exentra Package. The comprehensive user, role and authorisation concept of exentra Package ensures that each user only receives the information needed for specific tasks. And that at every development location. This means that every user enjoys complete transparency and can focus fully on product development.

Web applications with low rollout costs

We provide you with exentra Package either as an ‘all-round carefree package’ as a web application including the necessary hardware or we offer you the option of operating our software in modern, scalable cloud solutions. But regardless of which of the two models you choose: We develop a prototype as a basis that is quickly ready for use and can be adapted to your individual needs in the course of agile development – and at a cost-effective price!

Why exentra Package?

Consolidation of knowledge in one system

exentra Package combines the complete knowledge of all those involved in the development process in an extremely high-performance system. It also brings together external data such as OEM data or in-house CAD data and makes them accessible and evaluable through a single platform. This means that everyone involved in the development process is always up to date, and the time spent and sources of errors in data procurement are reduced to a minimum.

Maximum data security

exentra Package guarantees maximum data security. We provide you with the software as an on-premise solution, which means that the data never leaves your company. Your data is additionally protected by the encrypted transport of data, an intelligent authorisation system for projects (for example via Active Directory Integration) and the support of SSO.

Ensuring the highest quality standards

At exentra, we have the designer in focus. We do not supply you with a ready-made PLM system, but analyse your requirements and provide you with a product based on our basic system that is optimally tailored and configured to your needs - including direct connections to OEM and CAx systems. This in turn enables you to quickly onboard new employees, for example, as all information is easily and comprehensibly accessible.

Traceable ROI

exentra Package is available via a flexible licensing model and saves time and resources for all those involved in the development process, so that you can derive tangible benefits from using exentra Package within a very short time!